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princess disney

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Get ready for the newest game that we have for you today, a new game in which many of your disney princesses and her boyfriends will be by your side as well as Barbie and her boyfriend, Ken. In this new and fun online game that we have to offer especially for you, we would like you to join us and give us a hand. In the game you need to help Fynsy who wants to reunite the princesses with their prince. Each princess will send their love and you have to catch the hearts with Fynsy and bounce them until you get to the prince. Maleficent will try to stand in your way, so make sure you do something about it. You have all the needed instruction at the beginning of the game and you will need to help Elsa and Jack, Barbie and Ken, Rapunzel and Flynn and Anna with Kristoff. Make sure you help all of them and be aware of the obstacles that Maleficent will put you. Try to get past all the obstacles and help your friends in their love quest. Play this new and fun loving game that we have for you with some of the most loved characters!
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